Green Day have made a pair of documentaries and produced their own Broadway musical, and recently, they even announced plans to premiere a documentary about producing their own Broadway show. About the only thing left for the veteran punk trio to do is to be the subject of a big-screen, feature-length biopic. Sounds awesome as f---, but who would play Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool? Check out our casting picks below.

Billie Joe Armstrong Played By Giovanni Ribisi

Billie Joe Armstrong Giovanni Ribisi
Kevin Winter / Evan Agostini, Getty Images

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has rocked many different looks -- from gas-station gutter punk with bleach-blonde hair all the way through to suave, dark-suited rocker with smeared mascara and jet-black locks -- and he could easily have several actors portray him at various points in his career, a la the Bob Dylan biopic 'I'm Not There.' But versatile actor Giovanni Ribisi ('Saving Private Ryan,' 'Cold Mountain') can handle it all, and he looks enough like BJA to make the transition seamless.

Mike Dirnt Played By Dominik Hasek

Mike Dirnt Dominik Hasek
Scott Gries / Rick Stewart, Getty Images

A few names were brought up for the role of bassist Mike Dirnt, with 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'/'The Drew Carey Show' comedian Ryan Stiles a strong contender, thanks in no small part to his weird sense of humor. But eventually, former star NHL goalkeeper Dominik Hasek emerged as a dark horse favorite, with his remarkably similar appearance winning us over in the end. And all hockey players can act, right?

Tre Cool Played By Steve Zahn

Tre Cool Steve Zahn
Paul Hawthorne / Evan Agostini, Getty Images

Look at those goofy mugs in the picture above and tell us that Tre Cool and actor Steve Zahn aren't long-lost twins. OK, so they aren't quite identical, but the Green Day drummer and the actor best known for his award-winning roles in indie flicks 'Happy, Texas' and 'Rescue Dawn' (not to mention big-budget movies like 'You've Got Mail') certainly can claim more than a passing resemblance -- and similarly goofy outlooks on life, obviously.