Since signing with Anti- back in February, Christopher Paul Stelling has been hard at work promoting his forthcoming album, Labor Against Waste, which is slated for a June 16 release. Now, he's unveiled a music video for “Dear Beast” -- check it out up above (via Acoustic Guitar).

For the clip, Stelling set up shop in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse to perform “Dear Beast.” It’s a stark and minimal backdrop not unlike those featured in the singer-songwriter’s videos for “Warm Enemy” and “Hard Work.”

As for the song, Stelling says it tackles self-acceptance.

“It’s about turning the mirror back on itself,” he said in a press release. “It’s about [accepting] our flaws completely, and moving on from there with them in our full embrace. It’s about taking responsibility and caring for the beast that lives in all of us and for the metaphysical beasts that we’ve created because of our inherent need to feel watched over and protected.”

In addition to “Dear Beast,” “Warm Enemy” and “Hard Work,” Stelling also previously debuted Labor Against Waste’s “Scarecrow.” You can pre-order the album now over on iTunes.

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