Christopher Paul Stelling has debuted “Scarecrow,” the second track to appear from his upcoming full-length, Labor Against Waste, following album single, “Warm Enemy.” Take a listen above (via Paste).

It’s a bare-bones cut that’s slightly rough around the edges, allowing Stelling’s distinctive twang and introspective songwriting to take center stage.

“We could have fleshed it out more, perfected it, but I’ve come to love songs that are recorded in a way that captures that time and place,” Stelling says of the new song. “There’s little things about the recording that couldn’t have been present without the spontaneity we employed.”

He goes on to specifically cite the Low Anthem’s Ben Knox-Miller’s keyboard contribution as playing a role in the song’s in-the-moment quality.

“[Knox-Miller] had sprained his ankle and was hopping around on one foot all week up and down the long hallways above the threatre where we recorded the first sessions,” Stelling explains. “Hearing that familiar sound of his keys brings me right back to that week we spent tracking what would become Labor.”

Labor Against Waste is due out June 16 via Anti-, after which Stelling will play this year’s Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island from July 24-26.

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