Santa Claus is the star of a new Coca-Cola commercial featuring a cheery holiday song. What's the song in the minute-long TV advertisement?

The track is called 'Something In the Air.' It's the official 2012 Coca-Cola Christmas anthem, performed by Grayson Sanders & Jono featuring Lauriana Mae. The song appears on the Big Machine Records compilation 'A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years - Bringing Joy to the World,' which benefits Special Olympics.

The commercial shows Santa going out into the cold, snowy night and packing up a neon Coke truck. Later, onlookers discover a giant Santa parade float and attach ropes to bring it to life and walk it through the streets, all while drinking Coke, of course. The clip ends with a family holiday celebration around the dinner table. The performers sing, "Christmas keeps us together" while the slogan "Open happiness" appears.

'A Very Special Christmas: 25 Years' hit retailers in October and features music from a range of rock, pop and country musicians, including Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Train, Christina Aguilera and Martina McBride.

Hear Grayson Sanders & Jono featuring Lauriana Mae, 'Something in the Air' in the Coca-Cola Commercial