Color War take us back to the time of power-hungry royalty, evil temptations and the consequences of wanting more in their new video for 'SOS.'

Directed by the band's friend Julia Ngeow, the video stars singer Lindsay Mound as the queen and protagonist. Decked out in gold, she's appears goddess-like seated above her subjects, who not only show their admiration but also beg for bread later on in the video.

Meanwhile, Justin "Billy J" Lin, Color War's resident instrumentalist, portrays the individual who brings Mound over to the dark side. By the end of the video, it's clear she wants to get away from her earlier wishes but is attacked with colored dust and presumably left to die.

'SOS' is the latest single from Color Run's upcoming album, 'It Could Only Be This Way,' arriving on March 4 via Four Horsemen of the Apacolypse Records.