Conor Oberst isn't necessarily an artist fans turn to for cheery music. Sure, there are instances of delight throughout the singer-songwriter's catalog, but more often than not, the songs are beautifully melancholy. So it is with the track 'Common Knowledge' -- and so it is with the song's music video, released today (Sept. 5) and viewable above.

'Common Knowledge' is the final track on Oberst's latest full-length LP, 'Upside Down Mountain,' and the music video is a continuation from the video for 'Zigzagging Toward the Light.' Again teaming up with director David Altobelli, 'Common Knowledge' finds the Nebraska-native living life in the future, talking to a robotic female voice.

The dreary stage is set pretty early on when the voice asks Oberst if he has any regrets. "Of course. Lots of regrets. But it doesn’t really matter now," he answers, referring to the time and situation the music video supposedly takes place in (10 years after a worldwide catastrophe).

While it may be a despondent song and music video, there's something about Oberst's performance that captures our attention and leaves us wanting more -- much like the music from his past solo albums. 'Upside Down Mountain' is out now via Nonesuch. Get details on the release -- including a double-LP version pressed on 140-gram vinyl -- here.

Compare 'Common Knowledge' with its predecessor, 'Zigzagging Toward the Light,' below: