Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst talked to each other in front of some cameras, and the subject of releasing an old, odd collaboration they recorded 10 years ago came up. Lewis asked Oberst about the recording -- which they made in her home over a weekend -- called 'Blood On the 4-Tracks,' and if he'd be interested in releasing it.

Oberst said he'd definitely be interested, as long as it was released as an edible 7-inch. Lewis said it should be a fruit roll-up.

Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service fame also played on this long-shelved project. Some of the ideas documented on 'Blood On the 4-Tracks' made it into later songs, such as Bright Eyes' 'Gold Mine Gutted.'

They also discussed when they first met, each with his or her own recollection of where they were. Oberst believed that they met the first time he saw her old band, Rilo Kiley, play, in an Omaha vegetarian eatery. Lewis, on the other hand, was certain they actually met at a basement show.

Here's the full conversation, via Noisey: