He's been such a source of pride for the local music community that it's safe to say everyone in Omaha already knows his name, but Conor Oberst will soon add another job title to his eclectic list of accomplishments: Bar owner.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Oberst, best known for his work in Bright Eyes, and another local musician, Phil Schaffart, have gone in together on a lease for a local space that they're planning on turning into a cocktail lounge. In a nod to the spot's previous tenants, Pageturners Used Books, they're reportedly planning on calling their new venture Pageturners Lounge.

The World-Herald reached Schaffart on tour with M. Ward, and although he was somewhat cagey ("I will say Conor and I are opening a bar"), he indicated it would be several months before the new Pageturners would be open for business. According to the paper, Oberst and Schaffart plan on serving beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as offering patio seating.

Although there are still a few regulatory hoops for the new business partners to jump through, including a vote on their liquor license at an upcoming city council meeting, Schaffart described the Pageturners spot as "the right opportunity" and said he and Oberst had been talking about opening a bar for "a long time -- years."