About two months after he was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a concert in 2003, Conor Oberst is fighting back and is suing his accuser.

According to TMZ, the Bright Eyes frontman has filed a defamation lawsuit against Joanie Faircloth for more than a million dollars.

In December, Faircloth commented on an article on xoJane about dating rock stars and domestic abuse, and made allegations that Oberst not only came on to her at a 2003 concert in North Carolina but also forced himself upon her. "Conor took a lot from me, including my virginity, my dignity and self-esteem," she wrote.

The Oberst camp responded to the accusation in January, but now the singer-songwriter has taken it a step further. Claiming that Faircloth is a "superfan," Oberst says that since the accusations, his reputation has been ruined.