Actress, musician and unintentional comedian Courtney Love is back in the spotlight. At a stop on the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' Love was very forthcoming about a variety of topics including her off-and-on feud with Dave Grohl, her drug use and the new documentary about her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

"Now let's talk about drugs and drug usage," Letterman says point blank, to which Love replies, 'Oh God Dave ... here we go!" As Dave admits years ago he would "smoke some weed" and that he was "always drunk," Love says her favorite drug was, "All of it! There are no more drugs," she said. She goes on to explain how her religion, Buddhism, is now her drug of choice:

Love went on to talk about her reconciliation with Foo Fighters frontman Grohl: "We're friends again! We text and we're cool!" Over the years, their relationship has been tentative at times, especially recently, but Love says it's all good now. "I think you just get to an age where ... why are we suing each other honestly, it just got stupid," adding, "If we can make up, anyone can make up."

She also proudly boasted about her 22-year-old daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, who is the producer of 'Montage of Heck,' the documentary about Kurt Cobain. "It's anguish. It's very moving. The director, Brent Morgan, did a fantastic job," Love said of the documentary. "I've seen it about three times, I'm probably not going to see it again. It's too much."

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