Courtney Love has lost all rights to use the image or likeness of her late husband Kurt Cobain. Documents showing that Love gave up control to her daughter Frances Bean Cobain have surfaced online.

The Hole frontwoman agreed to relinquish her role as acting manager of End of Music LLC, the firm that generates revenue from Cobain's intellectual property, back in 2010. The Fix reports that in exchange, Love received a $2.5 million loan from Frances Bean's trust fund. She won't receive any money from the Nirvana leader's name or image until the loan is paid off. Love doesn't possess any of Cobain's music anymore, as firm Primary Wave now owns all the rights to his catalog.

The widow of Kurt Cobain lost custody of Frances Bean to his mother and sister in 2009. Their relationship has been strained for a few years now, with Frances Bean asking Twitter to ban Love from the social networking site after she accused Dave Grohl of seducing her daughter. Love has also accused the Muppets of raping Cobain's legacy and lashed out at the makers of 'Guitar Hero 5' for including Cobain as a playable character. Video game publisher Activision said Love signed off on the deal.

The reason as to why Love needed the large loan is not known, but many believe it's because of her mounting legal debt. While she still owns 60 percent of Cobain's belongings, her wealth is not what it used to be. Maybe that's why she is branching out into the world of art.