Didn't think Daft Punk could top their showstopping performance at the Grammys in January? Just take a look at the above video to have your mind blown all over again.

While the basic setup is the same -- Stevie Wonder is there, so is Pharrell Williams and his hat, and they're all playing the inescapable 'Get Lucky' -- the performance is way leaner than the one you saw on TV.

While it's great that the cameras stay on the people onstage rather than the dancing clowns in the audience (OK, we get it: Even the creaky old folks at the Grammys love 'Get Lucky' -- who doesn't?), the best part of this video -- which is rehearsal footage recorded before the event -- is watching the Daft Punk robots do their thing behind the all-star cast onstage, including Nile Rodgers, who provides his signature guitar riffing.

This version of 'Get Lucky,' like the one that blew everything else away at the Grammys, includes parts of Chic's 'Le Freak' and 'Another Star' by Wonder, whose vocals positively kill here.

Bonus points for the shot of Paul McCartney (among all the empty star seats) at the end of the clip. So stick around for that, though you should watch the whole thing.