Wanting to show the effects of overindulgence, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. go all out in their latest video, 'Run.'

With just about everything you can imagine gilded in gold, not to mention a chorus of hot girls who double as judges and the hands all over Josh Epstein's face, the video takes a look at how consuming too many things can drive you a little nuts. While many of the characters in the clip are a wackier than the average person, it's interesting to see what someone beyond his or her limit can look like.

Prosthetic rubber breasts, women who've clearly had too much plastic surgery or even the guy who's hiding in the bushes in the video might rub you the wrong way. But it's the shot of the robotic Elvis singing that becomes the creepy surprise that no one would expect.

As the electro-pop duo explains, 'Run' is "a song about people and vices. It's about sexual deviance and hyper consumerism. We wanted to make a video that captured the strangeness of the characters in the song while becoming a visually overstimulation in it's own right. It's a hedonistic spectacular for your eyes and ears."

They weren't kidding about the spectacle.