You're going to see a lot of headlines and ledes about Damon Albarn getting "carried away" at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark – and this one probably technically counts, too. The impossibly charismatic frontman of Blur and the actual human being behind Gorillaz played an incredibly epic, five-hour set during the festival this weekend and only stopped (at about 4AM) after security guards physically removed Mr. Albarn from the stage.

Even then, crowds were still screaming for Albarn – who performed with the Africa Express Project, an organization that brings together musicians from different cultures, multiple continents and disparate genres. As the evening progressed, Albarn and Co. played the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" with Songhoy Blues, Nick Zinner, Jeff Wooten, and Seye Adeklan (video below).

When a security guard walks onstage to demand Albarn close out the performance, the singer encourages the crowd to convince the guard otherwise. After skirting The Man all around the stage, Albarn is physically picked up and taken offstage (video of that below, too).

At some point during the evening, he also covered Randy Newman with Blur's Graham Coxon and played the Gorillaz hit "Clint Eastwood" with Shystie.

"Baltimore" (Randy Newman cover with Laura Mvula and Graham Coxon)

"Clint Eastwood" (with Shystie)

"Should I Stay or Should I Go" (the Clash cover with Songhoy Blues)

Albarn Carried Offstage