Daniel Johns has unveiled a new music video his latest Talk single, “Going on 16.” Check it out above.

The striking, Kelly Boulton-directed visual was made possible by the Newcastle International Animation Festival in Australia, which enlisted a bevy of local artists to create five-second clips that make up the nearly three-and-a-half minute video. Despite boasting a total of 43 individual animations, the new music video is impressively cohesive -- and beautiful! You can find the names of the artists behind each segment on the clip's YouTube page.

“Going on 16” follows Johns’ videos for Talk’s “We Are Golden,” “Cool on Fire” and “Aerial Love.”

Talk marks Johns’ debut as a solo artist and his first album since the dissolution of his ‘90s alt-rock outfit, Silverchair, who put out their final album, Young Modern, in 2007. In a recent interview with Diffuser, the former Silverchair frontman denied the possibility of a reunion.

“I never like when people just say, ‘Oh yeah, it could happen,’” he said. “To be honest, I doubt it’s going to happen. To be really honest, I don’t want to string people along because that’s just f---ing bulls--- … I strongly doubt it will happen.”

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