Packed with 15 songs that sound absolutely nothing like Silverchair, Daniel Johns' new solo effort, Talkis a memorable journey with an enigmatic artist who is redefining how the world sees -- and hears -- him.

With the album set to hit the streets worldwide on Friday, May 22, Diffuser is beyond thrilled to join Johns in celebration of his new music with the premiere of Talk's 13th track, "Going on 16" -- stream it in the audio player below.

Since Silverchair disbanded eight years ago, Johns has remained relatively silent; while fans and critics alike had their own idea of what he was up to, few could have predicted the path that's led to the experimental, alternative R&B-focused Talk.

As Johns admits, "It's been an interesting ride."

"I've always felt like most people hate everything I do but thankfully there's always been an enthusiastic minority who seem to 'get' it," he adds. "That's fine with me. Anything that appeals to everyone tends to suck anyway."

For "Going on 16" -- along with "We Are Golden," "Too Many" and "New York" -- Johns collaborated with Melbourne underground duo Damn Moroda and influential writer/producer Louis School.

You can pick up Talk in a variety of formats, including a special double-LP vinyl edition, at this location, and make sure to stay current with everything happening in Johns' world at his official website.

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