With their new album, Pinewood Smile, set for release Oct. 6, the Darkness have just debuted a new video for the album's first single, "All the Pretty Girls." In keeping with Darkness tradition, it's an amusing and rocking three-minute romp, and you can watch it above.

Front man Justin Hawkins gave fans a special introduction to the video on their Facebook page. "Dear people of the Internet," he begins. "We have made this excellent video to distract you from the humdrum banality of existence. By looking at film of the Darkness preening and cavorting, you will be transported to an unattainable world of awesomeness. Furthermore, we recommend that you purchase our new record album, for which the above video serves as an amuse-bouche. Enjoy!"

Thankfully, the Darkness still refuse to take themselves too seriously, as this video well displays. We find Hawkins in faux-dramatic poses throughout…that is when he is not riding a tractor, go-go dancing, or playing tennis with his mates. Meanwhile, brother Dan Hawkins is able to perform his guitar solo while surfing.

"The song itself is about my experience of being a human," Hawkins candidly told NME. "You trudge along at a certain level of attractiveness, and then almost as soon as your record becomes successful, everybody likes you. And then you feel, 'Do they like me because of who I am?' And the answer is, 'Yes, because I am, or I was, the singer in a successful band.' I wasn't that bloke anymore that I used to be. My whole identity was wrapped up in this career."

Pinewood Smile is the band's fifth, and has thus far received a universal thumbs-up from fans. The record also marks the recording debut of new drummer Rufus Taylor, son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

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