Over the weekend, Guns N’ Roses soldiered on in their reunion tour despite Axl Rose’s recent foot injury -- all thanks to Dave Grohl’s now-famous throne. It only makes sense then Grohl would make an appearance to see the massive, ornate chair in action from an outsider’s perspective.

It seems as though Rose and Grohl have long since buried the hatchet of the 20-year-old feud between Nirvana and GnR, as Grohl and his Foo Fighters bandamte Taylor Hawkins were spotted at one of the newly reunited outfit’s shows in Las Vegas last weekend. Grohl can even be seen bobbing his head along to the music in the super-brief clip at the top of the page. The video doesn’t confirm, but we can only assume he was heard repeatedly exclaiming, “Hi, Axl!

Next up, Guns N’ Roses will play Coachella this weekend. Then, they head to Mexico City before returning for the Indio, Calif.-based festival’s second weekend. They have more stadium shows planned across the U.S. between June and August. Check out their schedule right here.

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