In 2015, we watched as, all summer long, Dave Grohl performed in a giant, ornate throne after sustaining a broken leg during the Foo Fighters' tour. Now, it appears Axl Rose will do the very same in summer 2016.

Shortly after launching Guns N’ Roses’ reunion tour in L.A., Rose injured his foot. “This is what can happen when you do something you haven’t done in nearly over 23 years,” Rose tweeted.

However, the band assured they would move forward with their tour, and Rose would perform in a cast. Well, they did just that during a show at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last night (April 8). In fact, Rose showed up sitting in a giant, ornate throne that smacked of déjà vu. In fact, it was Grohl’s throne. By the show’s end, Rose revealed the Foo Fighters logo and quipped, “That’s a good advertisement” (via Rolling Stone). Check out footage from Rose’s throne-ridden performance below.

Guns N' Roses will play the T-Mobile Arena again tonight. Then, they will headline Coachella on April 16 and 23. They'll make their way to stadiums across the U.S. in June and July. Take a look at their complete schedule right here.

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