Last week, Foo Fighters’ tour took the rockers to Kansas, where Dave Grohl took a moment to comment on the “chicken finger-eatin’ motherf---ers” camped out in Intrust Bank Arena’s box seats.

While introducing the Taylor Hawkins-led “Cold Day in the Sun,” Grohl brought the house lights up so he could properly see everyone in the audience -- including the “rich motherf---ers in the box seats,” who he presumed owned car dealerships and carpet-cleaning companies and enjoyed the luxuries of box-seat fine dining. But even in the confines of their box seats, Grohl assured they couldn’t distance themselves from his wave-inducing rock.

“I can see you motherf---ers at the top,” Grohl said. “Don’t make me make you do the f---ing wave, ‘cause I’ll do it… You rich motherf---ers in the box seats, I’ll even make you do a f---ing wave.”

He continued:

They own car dealerships and s---. I know who you are, you’ve got a f---ing carpet-cleaning company. I get it. You got tickets from the hockey team or some s---; it’s all good. Just so you know, I will rock your f---ing balls just as hard as these f---ing motherf---ers. You can sit there eating your chicken fingers, but your ass is mine, motherf---er. That’s just how I roll. Hope y’all got some f---ing ranch with that s---! I get it. Don’t get me started. Hawkins, light ‘em up -- I mean everyone, even the chicken finger-eatin’ motherf---ers in the boxes. I wanna hear those f---in’ chicken finger-eatin’ motherf---ers in the boxes.

Watch the whole thing transpire in the video at the top.

Tonight (Oct. 5), the Foo Fighters play a show in Nashville, Tenn. From there, they have four more U.S. dates in Memphis, Tenn.; Austin, Texas; Anaheim, Calif.; and Castaic, Calif. Get more information at the band’s website.

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