Dave Matthews Band have "finished recording" a new album, and it "will be released this fall," according to ESPN Deportes. The fall 2012 album release was mentioned during an interview with Boyd Tinsley, the band's violinist/mandolinist. While the original report was printed in Spanish, Dave Matthews Band fan website antsmarching.org linked to an English translation of it for easier reading.

Tinsley spoke to the publication about tennis -- he's a fan, and he explained that he became friends with Andy Roddick back in 2002 -- as well as the new DMB album, though he didn't reveal many details other than the projected 2012 release date.

"In tennis there is a rhythm that respect, as in music ... What I like about tennis is that you're there only for your own. It is a battle. You must do the best with your instrument as the artist who comes onstage," Tinsley commented, comparing the sport to being a musician.

The band's website shared a bit of information about the 2012 release back in February, the most notable tidbit being that Steve Lillywhite is producing: “Dave Matthews Band is currently in the studio recording a new album with Steve Lillywhite, producer of the band’s first three studio albums, ‘Under The Table And Dreaming,’ ‘Crash’ and ‘Before These Crowded Streets.'"

In March, keyboardist Roger Smith revealed via Facebook that he's appearing on the new Dave Matthews Band album. "I had the pleasure of recording a couple of tunes on the upcoming Dave Mathews [sic] Band CD. Good times, good tunes, great guys!!!!" he wrote.

Dave Matthews Band are set to hit the road for their 2012 summer tour this month, kicking things off in Woodlands, Texas on May 18.

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