Mickey Melchiondo, better known to many as former Ween guitarist Dean Ween, has announced a benefit concert to raise money for a friend and fishing buddy whose Jersey Shore home was completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

'Dean Ween and Friends' will go down Nov. 28 at the Saint in Asbury Park, N.J, and feature songs from Ween and Moistboyz (Melchiondo's other, harder-hitting band), as well as new material, presumably from his first post-Ween album, the still-in-progress 'Miggy.'

He will be joined by friends and former Ween bandmates including Claude Coleman, Glenn McClelland, Chris Harford and Dickie Moist. The money raised will go to help Nick Honachefsky, managing editor of Saltwater Sportsman, which according to Melchiondo is "the Sports Illustrated of fishing magazines."

If you're wondering how Melchiondo would know that, it's because he's an avid fisherman who spends much of his non-music time running a fishing charter boat and guide service. In a touching post on his AskDeaner website, Melchiondo explains how the two became close friends because of their mutual love of fishing. He also details the damage done to Honachefsky's home:

"Now it’s gone, reduced to matchsticks like so many other homes left crushed in Sandy’s wake, along with all of his fishing journals, tackle, and all of his worldly possessions."

Other posts find Melchiondo sharing a series of photos detailing the extensive damage to the area and imploring people to do anything they can to help local residents. If you'd like to help but can't attend the concert, you can donate money to Honachefsky at ChipIn.com.