Deftones were previously scheduled to perform a concert at the Bataclan tonight (Nov. 14) and several members of the Sacramento outfit were in attendance during the Eagles of Death Metal show on Friday that ended when terrorists began opening fire on the crowd, killing dozens. However, frontman Chino Moreno (who was not at the concert) told a California-based CBS affiliate that all the members of Deftones left the show prior to the massacre.

"A couple of band members, they went to the concert, but they left early," Moreno said. "After the first few songs they ended up leaving the venue. They got out of there and all of our band and crew are safe and accounted for at the hotel now. So, we are just here, we’re pretty much on lockdown."

All members of Eagles of Death Metal are safe and accounted for, according to a U.S. official. The brother of touring drummer Julian Dorio told CNN that the moment the gunmen opened fire, the band ran backstage and exited the venue.

According to Paris officials, all concert halls, movie theaters, museums and all public spaces are closed until further notice.

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