Devo co-founder Jerry Casale got married on Friday, Sept. 11, and he apparently thought it appropriate to throw a 9/11-themed reception on the 14th anniversary of the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

TMZ has published photos of Casale and his wife Krista Napp’s reception at a Santa Monica, Calif., restaurant, including a picture of the couple posing with their wedding cake, which was in the shape of the World Trade Center with the bride and groom’s faces at the top of each of the Twin Towers. TMZ also uncovered photos of table settings, which featured cards depicting Casale and his wife’s names engraved on box cutters. Likewise, actual box cutters were given out as party favors.

TMZ reports that the wedding guests “weren’t the least bit fazed because both have a dark and strange sense of humor.” One guest told TMZ Casale has “real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy.”

Casale founded Devo with his brother, the late Bob Casale, and siblings Mark and Jim Mothersbaugh, while the elder Casale was a student at Kent University in Ohio.

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