1970s pop rockers Devo have unleashed plans for a brand new, previously unreleased live album called 'Miracle Witness Hour,' with promises of a listening experience that will take you back to the dingy biker bar where the hopefuls, at the time, were performing the set.

The show, which occurred at the Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio in 1977, is perfectly representative of the small, intimate concerts that the band used to put on in the early days -- you know, prior to David Bowie and Brian Eno noticing them.

The album, which is due out Dec. 1 via Futurismo, will include live versions of the band's songs 'Jocko Homo' and 'Mongoloid,' among many others. The vinyl will be pressed on 180-gram colored wax, with original album artwork, rare images and notes from Gerald Castle. It will also come with a free digital download.

Devo - 'Miracle Witness Hour'

Watch Devo perform 'Jocko Homo' live in 1982 to get a taste of what to expect: