We are fascinated by some of the world's biggest mysteries: Who created the pyramids? What's the deal with Stonehenge? What would celebrities look like if they joined Devo?

While we've tried and tried to find the answers to the first two questions on Wikipedia, we finally quit and put all of our focus on that last one -- rock stars, actors, athletes, what would they look like if they gave it all up just for a run with new wave icons Devo?

Well, because we here at Diffuser obviously have too much time on our hands, we decided to stop wondering and take destiny into our own hands. In the photo gallery above, click through to see people like Jack White, Dave Grohl, Taylor Swift, Kanye WestGeorge Clooney and more all wearing that infamous Devo hat.

So now that this mystery is solved -- what's next? Let us know what you want to see in the comments section below!

And once you're done with the Devo impersonations, check out these musical impersonations ... cover songs that are even better than the originals:

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