As we inch closer and closer to the release date of the debut album by Jeff Tweedy's new band, more and more songs from the record are sneaking out. The latest, 'Diamond Light -- Part 1,' is six-minute soundscape that sounds something like Tweedy's other band, Wilco, would do.

The other songs we've heard from the new project, simply called Tweedy, have ranged from summertime pop to musing singer-songwriter troubadour stuff. 'Diamond Light' steers into the head-trip territory that makes Wilco records such rewarding listens.

Take a listen below:

The debut album from Tweedy, ‘Sukierae,’ comes out on Sept. 23. The band includes Tweedy's 18-year-old son Spencer on drums, as well as former R.E.M. sideman -- and the frontman for the late, great Young Fresh Fellows -- Scott McCaughey and Lucius' Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig.

Other tracks released from the album so far include the rustic rocker 'I'll Sing It,' the shimmering pop tune 'Summer Noon' and 'Wait for Love,' a gentle ballad that recalls Tweedy's formative days when Wilco were an alt-country band and he was in Uncle Tupelo.

'Diamond Light -- Part 1' takes a detour from all those songs, giving us hope that the album might be a bit more aurally adventurous than we originally thought. Not that we don't dig all those other songs -- they certainly have their charms -- but we like to have our minds blown by some sonic excavating occasionally. And 'Diamond Light' certainly does the trick.

Here's something a bit more sunny, if you're more in the mood for something like that: