Cults nearly took the 'High Road' straight to the top of this week's Diffuser Top 10 video countdown, but the Killers simply can't be killed. Brandon Flowers and the gang once again grab the No. 1 slot with 'Shot at the Night,' the inspirational story of a Vegas hotel maid living the good life she's always dreamed of. It's as shiny and happy a clip as Cults' Hitchcock-ian 'High Road' is creepy, and together, they bring a yin-yang quality to the top of our tally.

Rounding out the top 5 are MGMT, Eminem and They Might Be Giants -- three eclectic acts we'd like to spend an evening with in Vegas. We'd kick things off with whatever drugs the characters take in MGMT's crazy 'Cool Song' clip, rage along to some old-school hip-hop with Em and then cap things off with a nerdy conversation with TMBG's Johns about classic indie rock.

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  • 10

    Arcade Fire

  • 9


    'Waiting Game'
  • 8

    Daft Punk

    'Lose Yourself to Dance'
  • 7


    'Nerve Endings'
  • 6


    'We Are the 21st Century...'
  • 5

    They Might Be Giants

    'You're On Fire'
  • 4


  • 3


    'Cool Song No. 2'
  • 2


    'High Road'
  • 1

    The Killers

    'Shot at Night'