After Kongos ended the Dirty Heads' five straight weeks of being No. 1, the California alt-rockers are back on top in Diffuser's weekly Top 10 Countdown. 'My Sweet Summer' claims the No. 1 spot while Kongos' 'Come With Me Now' slips back to No. 2. This marks the sixth week that 'My Sweet Summer' has been on top.

Staying in the same spot she was last week -- and after a very strong debut -- Kimbra finds her music video for 'Miracle' at No. 3, with Real Estate (moving up from No. 8 to No. 4) and the Muffs rounding out the Top 5.

Ray LaMontagne's 'Supernova' gets back in on the action by entering in this week's competition at No. 6.

New videos vying for a spot in the Top 10 Countdown are J Mascis' 'Every Morning' and Broken Bells' 'Control.'

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  • 10

    'Do You'

  • 9

    'Hunger of the Pine'

  • 8

    'I Wanna Get Better'

  • 7

    'Gimme Something Good'

    Ryan Adams
  • 6


    Ray LaMontagne
  • 5

    'Weird Boy Next Door'

    The Muffs
  • 4

    'Had to Hear'

    Real Estate
  • 3


  • 2

    'Come With Me Now'

  • 1

    'My Sweet Summer'

    Dirty Heads