DJ Shadow is getting ready to take his fans on a trip through his past with a sprawling 24-track collection of unreleased demos, titled 'Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From the MPC Era, 1992-1996.'

No release date has been announced for the compilation just yet, but the release includes tracks from the lost EP he worked on with Blackalicious MC Gift of Gab in 1994. It also includes a number of other early cuts. Plus, fans who purchase the set through Shadow's official website will get three bonus tracks: 'Give Up the Drums,' 'Slow Poke' and 'Vortex.'

Take a look at the complete track listing below, and after that, treat yourself to a free download of the song 'Affectations.'

DJ Shadow, 'Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From the MPC Era, 1992-1996' Track Listing
'Intropy (Original Version)'
'Vee in Detroit'
'Dreams of a Piece'
'The Not-So-Quiet Storm'
'Fast Rap Fanfare'
'Intensely Hitting'
'Mystical With Solo'
'Don't Try It'
'From the Old School'
'Freddi's Popcorn'
'Movin' On (Gab Demo 1)'
'Falling Up'
'Mellow But Chunky'
'Total Breakdown (Gab Demo 2)'
'Heavy Mood'
'Perilous Journey (Gab Demo 3)'
'Brittle But Magic'
'Atmospheric Disturbances'
'Swimming Upstream (Gab Demo 4)'
'Up for Grabs'

Bonus Tracks:
'Give Up the Drums'
'Slow Poke'

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