You can place Dr. Dog in whatever musical category you want -- psych rock, psych folk, folk rock, indie folk, indie rock, indie psych folk rock -- but one thing has remained constant throughout their always-evolving career, and that is their dynamic and spirited presence at their live shows. Last night (Jan. 12) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, that presence was stronger than ever as the Philly-based sextet wrapped up a four-night residency at the venue.

The four nights at the Music Hall actually make up just half of Dr. Dog's '4x4' stint in New York City; tomorrow night (Jan. 14), they'll take up residency at the Bowery Ballroom for another four nights. But for the fans who were lucky enough to pack the Brooklyn concert hall, last night's show felt powerful enough to be the series' ender.

For a band that has yielded a fair share of fans from a seemingly never-ending list of festival appearances, to experience the Dog's energy in a 550-person capacity venue was nothing short of magical. With fake palm trees hanging on the balconies and mini-Chinese lanterns strung about, the atmosphere was relaxed and calm, but the concert was anything but.

There wasn't much chit chat between Dr. Dog and their fans -- the focus was absolutely and completely on the music. In a span of about two hours, the band tore through tune after tune, culminating in a three-song singalong encore featuring 'How Long Must I Wait,' 'Hang On' and 'Oh No.'

If you've yet to enjoy a Dr. Dog concert, keep your eyes set on their tour itinerary, but in the meantime, make sure to check out their first-ever live album, 'Live at a Flamingo Hotel,' that hit record stores today. Taking on an impossible task of capturing the band's onstage prowess, the album does an exceptional job of giving you a taste of what a Dog show is truly like.

Oh, and if you want to see what you missed from last night's gig -- or you were there and just want to relive it -- Yahoo! captured the whole show for the entire world to see, and they're currently streaming a replay of it (for a few more hours anyway). Check out our exclusive photos (including show openers mewithouYou), get the setlist and watch Yahoo!'s stream below:

Dr. Dog -- New York City's Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Dr. Dog -- Setlist, Jan. 12, 2014
‘That Old Black Hole’
‘Broken Heart’
‘I Only Wear Blue’
‘Too Weak to Ramble’
‘Be the Void’
‘Take Me Into Town’
‘The Beach’
‘Heavy Light’
‘Heart It Races’
‘The Truth’
‘Army of Ancients’
‘The Old Days’
‘Country Line’
‘These Days’
‘We All Belong’

‘How Long Must I Wait’
‘Hang On’
‘Oh No’

Watch Dr. Dog Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg -- Yahoo Screen! Replay