Dr. Dog are teaming up with Pig Iron Theatre Company to create "Swamp Is On," a "DIY concept-concert with shades of the X-Files" that features new music from the band and "Pig Iron performers and designers [assembling] a unique 'handmade' live video feed that provides visual translations of Dr. Dog’s songs and soundscapes."

Following the experimental portion of the show, Dr. Dog will perform a concert of their more traditional songs. The press release provides more questions than answers, so we'll let it speak for itself:

After the discovery of a cassette tape of unknown origins, The Dr. Dog Pop Detachment and The Pig Iron Psychedelic Signals Auxiliary launch an extraordinary staging of encoded pop music and live video transmissions to communicate with the elusive Psychedelic Swamp. The scientists, artists, and cryptographers conducting the experiment have it on good authority that the ideal time to begin transmission is September 9-12, during the 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. This attempt at contact will commence each evening at Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. Doors open at 7:15 each night. SWAMP IS ON begins at 8 p.m. Curious individuals of all ages are needed. Admission requires a $30 donation to the study. Donations can be made at www.utphilly.com, www.fringearts.com, Por at the Fringe Arts Box Office. Those participating are advised to wear proper footwear as there are no seats for the experiment.

Since 2002, the Dr. Dog Pop Detachment have received puzzling messages from a man named PHRASES.  In the face of government interference, scientists and cryptographers will gather at Union Transfer, a former railway junction turned music venue, vowing "to agitate the cosmic order and commune in real time with the sights and sounds of another dimension."

Those ready for the journey are encouraged to bring old cassette tapes (the ones they can say goodbye to -- permanently) to the Swamp to get them shucked and decoded. Mix tapes from forgotten lovers, old light country cassettes, or blank tapes with a tangle in them — all magnetic tape from cassettes is welcome.  SWAMP IS ON seeks a critical mass of combined magnetism to unlock the secrets of the Swamp.

Performances are scheduled to take place from Sept. 9-12, at Union Transfer in Philadelphia at 8PM, with doors opening at 7:15PM.

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