Dr Pepper’s “One of a Kind” commercial starring boxer Mikaela Mayer evokes a passionate, fighting spirit in viewers. “Millions of girls are told they’re pretty, but not many end up becoming a model – even fewer decide to put their face in front of someone who wants to rearrange it,” says the 2012 USA National champ. “Now, instead of fighting for a cover shot, I’m fighting for gold.” What’s the song in the ad?

The tune is ‘Crown on the Ground’ by Sleigh Bells. It comes from the duo’s debut album, ‘Treats,’ which was released in 2010. Prior to its appearance on that record, the song was included on the group’s self-titled 2009 EP. ‘Kids’ – another song from 'Treats' – was recently used in the trailer for the movie ‘Pain & Gain.’

Sleigh Bells may be working on the follow-up to their sophomore album, ‘Reign of Terror,’ which came out last year. Click here for more details about Sleigh Bells and their new music.

Hear Sleigh Bells’ ‘Crown on the Ground’ in the Dr Pepper Commercial 

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