It's become a cliche that women are obsessed with shoes. But the new DSW commercial, which features the song 'Starlight' by Escort, suggests men can be just as crazy about what they wear on their feet.

In the DSW commercial, called 'The Savvy Shoe Lovers,' an attractive couple get elegantly dressed up, as folks do for a night on the town. As they try to figure out which pairs of shoes best match their outfits, they dance around a spacious walk-in closet seemingly dedicated exclusively to their footwear. At one point, a boot appears on the man's head.

'Starlight,' the Escort song scoring the dance scene, was released as a single in 2006. The Brooklyn band have become famous for using a 17-piece orchestra to replicate their retro disco grooves. The song also appears on their self-titled debut album, released in 2011.

One other point of interest in the commercial: the sign on the hotel door reads, "Where'd you get those shoes?" It's DSW's tagline, and it may be a nod to 'Pretzel Logic,' a song by another New York-area band, Steely Dan.