Ed Sheeran has a new goat tattoo, so he's got that going for him, which is nice. But it's far from the only exciting development in the 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' singer's life -- he's also gearing up for a run of headlining dates in North America, and if all that weren't enough, he's also collaborating on some new tunes with Taylor Swift and his former tourmates, Snow Patrol.

Sheeran spilled the news of the Swift collaboration via Twitter, where he casually mentioned it in passing while describing what he had for dinner: "In and out burger, defacing guitars and writing music with @taylorswift13 : )." Swift verified it with her own tweet, telling followers: "Eating cheeseburgers, scribbling on guitars, writing songs with @edsheeran : )."

Junk food, graffiti, and matching emoticons. Pretty adorable, isn't it? But Sheeran has more than just one name in his Rolodex -- as he told Perez Hilton during a recent interview, he's also been collaborating with the members of Snow Patrol on some new songs. "I started 20 new songs for the next album," Sheeran told the pink-loving gossipmonger. "I've been writing quite a lot with the Snow Patrol boys as well." Asked if he'd written with the band previously, he responded, "No. I'd, you know I knew them before so yeah, I was kind of friends with them, but I've written a song with them, so it's good."

While Sheeran plots his next album, his debut LP, '+,' is getting ready to make its American debut. The record, already a hit overseas, is scheduled for release via Elektra on June 12.

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