San Francisco trio Electric Shepherd are bringing back the psychedelic mystique of bands like the Doors and Pink Floyd. Listening to their new album, 'The Imitation Garden,' is like being led through a black-light fun house by Lebowski and a talking dolphin.

They've extended this acid logic to their latest video, 'The Escapist' -- a nonsensical thriller Hunter S. Thompson might have dreamed up after too much gin and a cornucopia of quaaludes. And we've got the exclusive premiere!

Directed by Andrew Baron Herwitz, the clip follows a man as he struggles through the depths of a bad trip. He drives around in his sports car, covered in random face paints, before he's charmed by a scantily clad street walker. If you've ever wanted to see what it looks like when two adults make out through a glass window, this video is for you.

Check out 'The Escapist' below and let your mind slip into the stoner world of Electric Shepherd.

Watch Electric Shepherd's Video for 'The Escapist'

Electric Shepherd - The Escapist [official music video] from Andrew Baron Herwitz on Vimeo.