"It will never be the same, Ellie Goulding sings in 'Explosions,' the third single off her latest album, 'Halcyon,' which dropped last year. The tune shares a vocal melody with another song that's so remarkably similar that it could easily be exposed in a piece in our Song Parallels feature -- if only we could figure out which song it's ripping off paying tribute to. It's on the very tip of our tounge, but we can't quite place it.

"It" -- life, that is -- will never be the same for Goulding, whose 2010 album 'Lights' put her on the map thanks to the crossover Top 10 hit of the same name. 'Halcyon' hasn't quite reached such dizzying heights, but the album has cemented her spot as an indie-tinged pop star with her life in warp speed

'Explosions' is a soaring ballad with a distinctly Bjork-like intensity and beauty, although we're pretty sure Bjork is not the aforementioned artist Goulding borrowed from liberally for the 'Explosions' melody.

Do any other songs come to mind when you hear the 'Explosions?' Let us know below, because frankly, not being able to recall the name of the tune we have in mind is starting to drive us slightly insane.

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