Neon may have been one of the biggest trends to come out of the '80s and early '90s, but Ellie Goulding has no shame in slapping it on throughout her new video for 'Goodness Gracious.'

Set at the beach and chock full of stuff likely to make you think it's California, 'Goodness Gracious' is saturated with bright colors -- every one under the rainbow, and then some. With its filtered images of palm trees and Technicolor beaches, the clip shows a carefree Goulding rocking all kinds of sequins and getting her groove on in some light-up kicks LA Gear wishes it had come up with back in the day.

Co-written with Nate Ruess of fun., the song leaves no doubt Goulding has swapped her acoustic and alt-pop ways for a more plugged-sound.

'Goodness Gracious' is the latest single off of her sophomore effort, 'Halcyon Days.' Although it's technically a bonus track, it's not one to overlook, and it's a great way to start the first full week of 2014.

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