Ellie Goulding gets all seductive on her newest track, a hot and humid cover of the Weeknd's 'High for This.'

While it's not entirely apparent what her boy should be high for, we're guessing that the song might have something to do with sex. The track is open and airy, producer Xaphoon Jones' synthesized keys and xylophones adding just enough in the way of bass and tone to bring out Gaulding's soprano, here more sultry than ever.

The lass blew up in the U.K., and her debut album, 'Lights,' reached the top of the U.K. charts. It's taken a while longer for her to crack the U.S., but the title track went platinum Stateside in April.

Goulding has a nice touch with covers -- her version of Elton John's 'Your Song' was good enough for Price William and Kate Middleton. But we're guessing this isn't the kind of song they would play for the queen mother.

We're still waiting to hear what's next from Goulding, who's said she'll have her sophomore album out in October -- one that's going to sound "very dark and very weird ... even more emotional."

By the sounds of 'High For This,' one of those emotions is desire. Maybe for her boyfriend Skrillex.

Listen to Ellie Goulding's Cover of 'High for This'