Synth-pop duo Magic Wands are getting ready to unleash their four-years-in-the-making debut album, 'Aloha Moon,' this April. Download 'Teenage Love' for free exclusively from

'Teenage Love' was originally a song that Magic Wands member Dexy Valentine posted on her MySpace page. Future bandmate Chris Valentine discovered Dexy's page and a partnership between the two was quickly formed. Magic Wands initially released 'Teenage Love' as their debut single in 2008. The Valentines have re-recorded the track for their first LP.

The new version of 'Teenage Love' is three-and-a-half-minutes of an '80s pop daydream. Try to imagine what an amalgamation of Cocteau Twins and the Ting Tings would sound like and you're on the right track. Dexy Valentine exudes sexiness with her assertive vocals, describing the days when we all ignorantly thought we knew what love was.

Magic Wands used to be just two guitars, a drum machine and keyboards, but the group has significantly tweaked their sound over the last four years. The solid production work shines through 'Teenage Love' --  the song is less guitar-driven and more keys-heavy than its demo predecessor, and that's a good thing. Download 'Teenage Love' using the link below and judge for yourself.
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