In a way, we're just now meeting Coheed and Cambria.

Although the prog-inspired rock outfit have been together two decades and cultivated a fervent following over the course of their career, all seven of their previous albums are concept albums set in the fictional sci-fi universe of The Amory Wars. Their eighth album, The Color Before the Sun, marks the first time frontman Claudio Sanchez has written for Coheed from his own personal (and Earthling) perspective.

And although that might lead you to believe you know what the new song "Young Love" is probably about, Sanchez reveals in the exclusive video below that it's actually about something – or some place – that's especially important to the band. The other members also share their thoughts on the song – one that drummer Josh Eppard describes as being more overtly grunge than anything the band had previously recorded.

Check out the full story behind the song below and pick up The Color Before the Sun (out Friday) here.

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