WTF? Seriously, WTF? We're not kidding. Can someone please explain what the ... never mind. Some things in this world are better when taken at face value, especially when that face is exploding.

Watch as the gentleman in the banana mask carefully and delicately lights each banana. Watch as he repositions the exploded bananas to keep his line of sight open, because obviously he needs to be able to see to light the rest of the banana fuses.

This is actually the work of a visual artist by the name of Williamm Lamson. He produces a wide variety of different strange and intriguing works of art. This particular piece is titled 'Think Globally, Act Locally.' Knowing all of that, we're still at the WTF stage of understanding, but we give Lamson the benefit of the doubt here.

He's done a lot of different visual works, which often involve putting everyday objects in strange places. Much of his work involves video or photography. He's tied bananas to a tree like rungs on a ladder. And while he doesn't set out to make people laugh at his art, he maintains a sense of humor about it.

"I think its great when a work can make people laugh," Lamson said in an interview. "Most contemporary art is not funny, in fact, I think artists are worried that by making people laugh they might not be taken seriously. This is regrettable, since work that can make people laugh has the power to reach a much wider audience."

After watching that video, we're reminded of a song. Actually, we can't get it out of our heads now. Check it out below.