The last two records Faith No More made before their 1998 breakup are being revisited. Today (July 25), they announced deluxe reissues of King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime and Album of the Year, both of which will arrive on Sept. 9.

Both will be available in two-CD sets that include a disc comprised of bonus tracks including b-sides, alternate mixes, live takes and previously unreleased tracks. A 180-gram double-LP version will also be available. The track listings can be found below.

Arriving in 1995, King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime was their first effort without guitarist Jim Martin. They recorded it in upstate New York's Bearsville Studios, which had been built in 1969 by Albert Grossman, who had been the manager for Bob Dylan, the Band and Janis Joplin. According to the liner notes by keyboardist Roddy Bottum, the band were able to try new things without Martin. "As a result, we wrote and recorded some of our most radical, out there songs," he wrote, "like 'Cuckoo for Caca' and 'Ugly in the Morning,' some of our mellowest like 'Take This Bottle,' 'Caralho Voador' and then some or our most high-drama, like 'Just a Man.'"

Album of the Year, which came out in 1997, saw the arrival of Martin's replacement, Jon Hudson. Although it only reached No. 41 in the U.S., it topped the charts in both Australia and New Zealand. It was their last release before 2015's reunion effort, Sol Invictus. "We were definitely referencing our musical roots as well, going back to darker tones visited in [1992's] Angel Dust," Bottum wrote. "In retrospect it feels really strong and an undeniably prolific chapter in what we ultimately set out to do."

'King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime' Track Listing

Disc One

1. "Get Out"
2. "Ricochet"
3. "Evidence"
4. "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies"
5. "Star AD"
6. "Cuckoo for Caca"
7. "Caralho Voador"
8. "Ugly in the Morning"
9. "Digging the Grave"
10. "Take This Bottle"
11. "King for a Day"
12. "What a Day"
13. "The Last to Know"
14. "Just a Man"

Disc Two

1. "Evidence [Version en Español]"
2. "Absolute Zero"
3. "Greenfields"
4. "I Started a Joke"
5. "Spanish Eyes"
6. "I Won't Forget You"
7. "Hippie Jam"
8. "Instrumental"
9. "I Wanna F--- Myself"
10 "Evidence [Versão em Português]"
11. "Digging the Grave [Live]"
12. "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies [Live]"
13. "Interview [B-Side]"

'Album of the Year' Track Listing

Disc One

1. "Collision"
2. "Stripsearch"
3. "Last Cup of Sorrow"
4. "Naked in Front of the Computer"
5. "Helpless"
6. "Mouth to Mouth"
7. "Ashes to Ashes"
8. "She Loves Me Not"
9. "Got That Feeling"
10. "Paths of Glory"
11. "Home Sick Home"
12. "Pristina"

Disc Two

1. "Pristina [Billy Gould Mix]"
2. "Last Cup of Sorrow [Roli Mosimann Mix]"
3. "She Loves Me Not [Spinna Main Mix]"
4. "Ashes to Ashes [Hard Knox Alt. Mix]"
5. "Light Up and Let Go"
6. "The Big Kahuna"
7. "This Guy's in Love With You"
8. "Collision [Live]"

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