A documentary about ex-Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley called Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie will begin production later this year. Mosley passed away unexpectedly last November, aged 57, just as his career was beginning to experience an upturn.

Bang Tango guitarist Drew Fortier, who made the 2015 film Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie, toured as a member of Mosley’s trio last year, where discussions began about shooting a movie that would record his change of fortune. Fortier will direct, while Mosley's longtime friend and percussionist, Doug Esper, will produce.

The clip above is the voicemail Fortier received from Mosley where the singer authorized the project, and it led to a running joke with the band.

"It was one of the last voicemails I ever received from Chuck, confirming the documentary we planned to do on him before he passed," Fortier said. "We have the blessing from his family and loved ones to carry on with this wish. As for the weird voice: While on tour with him, we all would constantly crack each other up by saying almost everything like the Batman villain Bane. We would soundcheck as Bane, order food as Bane and even do karaoke as Bane. It started with Doug and rubbed off on all of us. It was hysterical. Since then, whenever Chuck would call me, we’d each answer the phone as Bane. He is missed and loved very much."

“I am incredibly excited to tell Chuck’s story,” he continued. “I believe everyone will be able to get something positive out of the finished project of what will be Chuck’s film.”

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