A few weeks ago, with the help of a tweet from Faith No More, we opined that the band might -- might -- be working on new music. Today (Sept. 2), it looks like our dreams will actually come true.

In a statement released today, Faith No More have declared that they are currently recording their first full-length record in 17 years. The band has been on a non-stop whirlwind of festivals and international shows, and thanks to those sold-out gigs, the fire has been lit for the next LP.

"We've always shared a chemistry between ourselves that's unique to this band, but these past few years of touring together have made us aware that we not only play better as a unit, but we like the new stuff we're coming up with," founding member and and bassist Bill Gould says.

Diving deeper in an interview with Rolling Stone, Gould goes on, "It's always going to sound like us. It's just what we do, that makes us feel good. Hopefully it doesn't sound like a bunch of 50-year-old men ... which we are!"

Ahead of the album's April 2015 release, Faith No More will be unleashing a limited edition 7-inch single for Record Store Day's annual Black Friday event on Nov. 28. While the album doesn't have a name yet, the song on the 7-inch is entitled, 'Motherf---er.' You can hear a live version of the song from a gig earlier this year in the video below.

The album is currently being recorded in a studio in Oakland, Calif. and Gould is producing it. It will be the first release on Faith No More's new imprint, Reclamation Recordings, and will be distributed via Ipecac Recordings (the same label that handles Tomahawk, Mike Patton's project with the Jesus Lizard's Duane Denison).

Faith No More Perform New Song, 'Motherf---er'

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