For Faith No More fans, it's become easy to just assume the band will only ever be doing reunion shows here and there. Even after debuting two new songs a little over a month ago in London, things have been somewhat quiet from the Mike Patton-fronted band. In a fortunate turn of events, though, fans may have just gotten a big clue as to what they can expect from the enigmatic band in the future.

The above tweet came soon after the line-up for Australia's massive two-day Soundwave festival was announced, and guess who's headlining? Faith No More -- alongside the likes of Soundgarden, Incubus, Gerard Way and more -- will be heading to the land down under in early 2015 for what we can only assume is the start of a full-blown tour.

Considering Faith No More have been bouncing around from festival to festival for the last five years, if the reunion tour really is over and fans can expect change in the new year, then a new tour -- and new album? -- would make sense.

This isn't the first tweet sent out by the band that hints at the future. Near the end of May, this popped up in Twitter feeds across the world:

We can only hope a new record and worldwide tour are on the horizon. In the meantime, check out one of Faith No More's first performances as a newly reunited band back in 2009.

Watch Faith No More Perform 'Land of Sunshine' at 2009's Download Festival