You want to be popular with your peers, don't you? It's not called "peer pressure" because you don't care what others think of you, right? Well, we're here to help you impress those members of the opposite sex with a handy short film on how to be popular.

What does it mean to be popular? Does popularity include having the respect and consideration of your contemporaries? Sure. Does it mean being included in all the best social events, like putting on plays and roasting weenies? You bet. But most of all, it means going on dates. Lots of dates. Unless you're a girl. Then you shouldn't be going on so many dates.

That's what poor Jenny found out the hard way. She doesn't get invited to weenie roasts anymore because she spent too much time sitting in cars with boys. As the film points out, when one boy brags about sitting with Jenny and finds out everyone's done that already, he doesn't feel special anymore.

What was Jenny thinking?

Now Carolyn, she hasn't sat in any cars yet. That's why one guy says, "Now there's a girl that'd really get my vote" when she comes into the lunch room. And by vote, he means his roasted weenie. That is, until he finds out she's gotten a lot of votes before. Then it's back to the rejects table with her, where she can sit with Jenny and stare wistfully at the popular kids.

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