He's shared a few misgivings about entertainment in general this year, but that hasn't stopped Father John Misty from following his muse — as evidenced by the recent release of his latest recording, "Holy Hell."

The new track, which you can stream via the above audio embed, arrives after the July debut of Misty's digital-only single "Real Love Baby," and seems to reference the politically-minded tenor of the times with lyrics about "highly effective rhetoric" and "perverts who get off on it." Pivoting a bit from that angry tone, the song ends on a somewhat hopeful note, with the lines "But all my friends, yeah, I’m talking to you / The world won’t end unless we want it to / There’s no one in control / And it’s our life to choose."

Misty made headlines earlier this year when he used his XPoNential Festival set to as a forum for a politically motivated speech, warning the crowd that "stupidity just f—ing runs the world because entertainment is stupid" and adding, "It’s not enough to be, like, self-aware. … It feels better to be angry than it does to be f—ing devastated that s— looks the way it looks. ... Maybe just take a moment to be really f—ing profoundly sad."

As he later explained, his festival set — which he cut short after his speech — was affected by the knowledge that Donald Trump had secured the Republican nomination for the presidency. Referring to the party's convention as "the demonic clown pageant coronation of our next potential Idiot King," he later warned, "We really need to regain some perspective on what can be entertainment and try to be conscious of the ways in which we're viewing things as if they were entertainment. Things end up becoming really passive and we become powerless because we interact with it like it's entertainment."

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