With an increasingly surreal U.S. political climate rife for parody, 
Father John Misty again turned what many Americans are thinking into art.

Josh Tillman, who goes by the moniker Father John Misty, posted a video to his Twitter account in which he distills Tuesday night's controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey down to a one-minute song, which identifies only as "folk music." You can watch the video above.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed Comey's inquiries into her emails for costing her the presidency, while President Donald Trump ousted the director on the claim that he improperly handled his investigation into the emails; many people believe, however, it's actually Comey's investigation into Trump's ties to Russia that caused the axe to fall.

"James Comey was fired in the month of May / James Comey was fired from the CIA / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto," Misty sings, as he eats pizza backstage, name-checking the wrong agency for the rhyme, as he noted in his subsequent tweet.

Last month, Tillman and Tim Heidecker dueted on a live parody, in which the pair turned Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock" into a political ballad called "I Am a Cuck."

Tillman's third album under the Father John Misty pseudonym, Pure Comedy was released last month.

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