We generally don't associate Italian cars with roominess. That could change, however, thanks to a new commercial for the Fiat 500L, which uses a remixed version of the song 'The Italian Life’s for Me (La Vita Italiana Fa Per Me)' by James Stemple and the Swing Dolls.

In the ad, called 'Wedding,' two men in identical suits are waiting in a Fiat 500L. After honking the horn, their dates rush out carrying their dresses and get in the back seat. As the car makes its way down a winding mountain road, the women proceed to undress and change into their outfits. The man in the passenger seat, who looks a bit like a young James Spader, gets caught sneaking a peak in the rearview mirror, but he makes up for his transgression by helping one of them with her shoe.

By the time they reach their destination, the women are dressed in their powder blue bridesmaids dresses, and the couples walk arm-in-arm towards the church. The final shot is of a boy in the back seat, pulling their discarded undergarments from his face, with the smile of someone who has just grown up.

The Swing Dolls are a vocal trio who tour the country reliving the harmonies of girl groups from the '40s (Andrews Sisters, McGuire Sisters) to the '70s (ABBA). James Stemple is a composer who has scored numerous television shows and films.